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Commercial Inspections

Commercial inspections are difficult for buyers and inspectors alike. A commercial inspection can encompass so many different areas, types of buildings and businesses and no two of them are ever really alike. At ABI, we try to format an inspection for you that fits the type of building and use that you have in mind for your needs. For some, the building will house their dream business. For others it may have been given to them in an estate or as a donation - and they have no idea what to do with it. 

We customize the report to fit the type of inspection need. It may be a simple narrative report, utilizing the residential house report to your needs or a combination of both. In the end, it will be carved after your requirements, with lots of photos, descriptions and suggestions.

Sometime clients can be overwhelmed by the prospect of purchasing a commercial property assuming it is too complex however, a big commercial building is just a simple small building with just a lot more inside. But it has all the same insides and workings and nothing that is too complex for us to  handle. 


Give us a call and we can help!     

We do: 

  • Storefronts

  • Restaurants

  • Bars

  • Offices

  • Medical offices

  • Warehouses

  • Storage buildings

  • Clubs

  • Small businesses

  • Apt buildings

  • Motels

Email:         Owners: Coleen and Kevin Tuttle (NYSL# 16-000005984)        

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