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Residential Inspection

If you are buying or selling, we will provide you with an interactive "top to bottom" inspection of the property. Whether it is a big house to build a family in, a small cottage or cabin to vacation and rest in, or a starter or retirement home to be cozy in - our goal is to make you feel that on the day you move in you already are familiar and comfortable with your new place. Our aim is to provide you with a list of "honey-do" items that can be done at your convenience after you move in - but also make you aware of any items of a nature that you can't live with them. Often we, or your agent can help you sort those findings out. 

Commercial Inspections

We can easily handle and have years of experience doing small commercial buildings. These can include bars, restaurants, small shops, doctor's offices, and medical buildings, multiple unit apartment buildings and more. If you have ideas of remodeling or making changes, we can offer suggestions or let you know if your ideas seem feasible for the uses you might require. If needed, we can bring in further experts to cover special areas of expertise. Reports are easy to read and understand and can help you determine if the investment you are considering is right for you. 

Environmental Testing

Radon testing, well flow testing, and septic dye testing can all be added to a home inspection, done as a seller's part of a house sale or just for any homeowner who would like the testing done to their home. Well flow and septic dye testing involves testing to see if the well and/or septic system for the property can reasonably handle the volume that the typical family would use living there. Both tests are useful in alerting us to possible issues, but they are not fail-proof as these systems are mostly hidden in the ground. Radon testing checks for the radioactivity caused by the breakdown of uranium in the ground. Radon is the 2nd leading cause of lung cancer in the United States

Electrical Inspections

ABI can perform electrical inspections as a consultant to inform you of the condition of your electrical system with suggestions for upgrades and repairs but also as a third-party electrical inspector working for New York Electrical Inspection Agency completing code compliance inspections using the National Electric Code. This type of inspection is usually required by the electrical supply companies when your power needs to be turned back on or repaired and by your local code enforcement officials when you complete an upgrade, addition or remodeling of your home. 

Maintenance/Seasonal/Draw Inspections
Investigative/Legal Inspections

Investigative: Something going bump in the night? A leak that is happening but you just can't find the source or why? Gurgles, whistles, shakes, rattles and rolls?  We can help you figure out where they are coming from. 

Legal: Sometimes even when your think you have done your homework, checked references and reviews, you find you hired the wrong contractor. The work may not be to your satisfaction, or to the proper industry building standards or to the building codes. We will inspect the work, provide a report and if necessary, be your expert witness in court. 

We can perform other services for you, too. Maintenance/Seasonal inspections can be done every 1-5 years after your initial inspection. These can be done to make a list of required items that need attention due to the normal use, wear and tear of living in your home. You don't typically notice these living day to day, but we are trained to find and suggest these normal maintenance items. We can also make regular inspections if you are doing a major remodel, building an addition, or just building a new home. The contractors aren't always right, cut corners, or just miss steps that should be taken. We keep an eye out and get you a report on them.  

Email:         Owners: Coleen and Kevin Tuttle (NYSL# 16-000005984)        

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